Wetting is the ability of a liquid to maintain contact with a solid surface, resulting from intermolecular interactions when the two are brought together. The degree of wetting (wettability) is determined by a force balance between adhesive and cohesive forces.

Dispersing Agent

A Dispersant or a Dispersing Agent or a plasticizer or a superplasticizer is either a non-surface active polymer or a surface-active substance added to a suspension, usually a colloid, to improve the separation of particles and to prevent settling or clumping. Dispersants consist normally of one or more surfactants.

Wetting and Dispersing Agent Product

  • Silco Wet D 504
  • Lissapol NX
  • Lissapol NP 10
  • Chlorasil WA 270
Water Based :
  • Silcosperse HLD 6 ( Organic Pigment )
  • Silcosperse HLD 8B ( Carbon Black, Organic Pigment, Industrial Colorant Pasta, Good Wetting Properties )
  • Silcosperse HLD 11 ( Styrene Resin System )
  • Silcosperse SDA-1 ( Anorganic Pigment, Waterbased Paint )
  • Chlorasperse 45 ( Waterbased Paint )
Solvent Based :
  • Silcosperse HLD 16 ( Organic Pigment in s/b system, Excellent with Wetting Properties )
  • Silcosperse HLD 19 ( in Organic Pigment, Carbon Black, PVC, Plastisol Excellent with Wetting Properties )


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