Wet End

Selective product for special applications

The Wet End phase the final desired characteristics are produced, it is consequently formulated according to the use it is intended for.

We have a wide range of retanning, neutralizing, dispersing, resin, and fatliquoring products. The products containing excellent properties are available in liquid or solid form.

Products Description
Compact Super XComplex fatliquor with syntan, disperse and emulsifier agent
Sodoil EZRBlend of synthetic sperm oil with synthetic oil with special sulphiting process
Sodoil 802Complexactive emulsifiers combinated with natural and synthetic oils
Sodoil A 893Based on lanolin fatliquor
Sodoil 197Blend of sulphited and sulphated natural and synthetic oils (Lecitine)
Sodoil MSKBased on ester combine with synthetic fat
Garboil 22 - 26 NBlend of sulphited and fish oil and synthetic oils
Garboil FCBlend of sulphited natural oils in combination with synthetic ester
Garboil BSOxidised and sulphited vegetable oils
Garboil SLBBlend of synthetic sulphited oil
Garboil SMSpecial compound of natural and synthetic sulphited oil and synthetic ester
Lederin MMRefined sea animal oil for vegetable leather
Lederin OPB - 10Neats foot oil
Biodermin GSCationic Fatliquor
Sodatop W 257Blend of emulsified oxidized marine and synthetic oil with waxes
Sodatan FProtein and silicate mixture
Sodatan R3 Liquid Salt of acrylic acid polymers
Sodatan RC LiquidPolymers of metacrylic acid
Sodatan RD PowderDicyandiamide modified resin
Sodatan RM PowderMelamin modified resin
Sodatan TNBBuffer salt of naphthalene-sulphonic acids
Sodatan SCPhenol-naphthalene-sulphonic condensation
Sodatan SBPhenol-naphthalene-sulphonic condensation
Sodatan TSN PowderCondensation of naphthalene-sulphonic acids
Sodatan TLXDioxy-diphenyl-sulphonic condensation
Sodatan WOWDioxy-diphenyl-sulphonic condensation
Sodatan PAModified disulphone and special aldehydes
Sodatan TLLPhenol-naphthalene-sulphonic condesation
Sodatan PRVPhenol based condesation syntan product (multi purpose liquid syntan)
Sodapelt CLBlend of bleaching and sequering agent
Sodatan TVT Powder (TARRA)Tarra extract powder
Sodatan GBGambier extract powder
Indusol ATO (Quebraco)Quebraco extract powder cold soluble
Indusol ATS (Quebraco)Quebraco extract powder semi-soluble
Chestnut SH (Chesnut SH)Chestnut extract powder 1st extraction 76% tannin content
Chataigner CC (Chesnut CC)Chesnut extract powder 2nd extraction 68% tannin content
Mimosa MEMimosa extract powder natural
Mimosa GSMimosa extract powder light
Mimosa TDMimosa extract powder dark
Mimosa osprey brandMimosa extract powder osprey

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