Coloring Agent

Bringing high-quality paper dyes

We offer the dyes specialty for paper industries with following product range: Basic dyes, Direct dyes, and Acid dyes.

Chloramine Yellow XA
Chloramine Black EXDirect
Chloramine Blue 5BDirect
Chloramine Brown G 130%
Chloramine Brown MDirect
Chloramine Brown R
Chloramine Cooper BlueDirect
Chloramine Green FH-02
Chloramine Orange SH
Chloramine Red 8 BEDirect
Chloramine Red Scarlet 4BSDirect
Chloramine Turquise BlueDirect
Chloramine Yellow GXDirect
Chloramine Yellow RE_HCNDirect
Malachite GreenBasic
Methyl Violet 2BBasic
Methylene Blue 2BBasic
Silvatex PA

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