Finishing solutions cover everything from leather upgrading to color finishing

The finishing phase is a delicate and complex cycle. By means of numerous treatments and procedures, the hides take on the necessary characteristics depending on their final usage : resistance to abrasion, rubbing, dirt, drops of water, a certain shine, a particularly silky or oily touch, etc. To obtain this, it is necessary to have specific technical applicative skills, creative imagination that can satisfy the requirements of big brand names and the use of a high number of specific chemical products.

We supply a complete range of finishing products to obtain high-quality articles. Waxes and Caseins, aqueous pigments, metallic pigment, pull up oils, solvent and aqueous lacquers, acrylic and polyurethane resins.

Corycryl 912/25Acrylic self - crosslinking copolymer dispersion for upper
Corycryl 310/25Acrylic copolymer in aqueous emulsion for garment
Coriground GFCompound based on acrylic and natural binder
Coriground XR / 77Compound based on acrylic and natural binder
Corilex PA 12Polyamide binder in water solution
Corigloss WKTransparent nitrocellulose paint in aqueous emulsion
Corigloss W 14Glossy nitrocellulose paint for solvent base
Corifix W 3000/LGlossy water fixing agent
Coriwax F 52Soft wax emulsion used in polymeric basecoats
Coripur AG 20 PlusAddession aromatic polyurethane in water dispersion
Coristucco K 1000Soft and elastic stucco
Chlora Black BGPigment paste black water base
Chlora White 101Pigment paste white water base
Chlora Yellow 201Pigment paste yellow water base
Chlora Caramel 202Pigment paste caramel water base
Chlora Red 401Pigment paste red water base
Chlora Blue 601Pigment paste blue water base
Chlora Green 701Pigment paste green water base
Hexafor L-106 Flourochemicals / Water repellant

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