Food Color Ponceau 4R Brand Galicol CI 16255 – Packaging 1Kg




Food Color Ponceau 4R Brand Galicol

– Synthetic coloring for food
– In powder form and water soluble
– Use for food (high concentration)
– Single color
– Application of use on the type of food:
1. Bread products
2. Confectionery (candy)
3. Dairy products
4. Ice cream
5. Dessert
6. Meat processing
7. Personal care
8. Seafood processingGalicolFood
9. Snacks
10. Fruit preparation
11. Cozy food
12. Flavor and essence
13. Seasoning (seasoning)
14. Drinks

– Galicol food coloring:
1. Available in various colors according to the application / application
2. MUI halal certification
3. Color quality is always tested and standardized
4. Have own high-tech laboratory
5. No bitter taste

Packing Noted:
* For purchases of Max 3Kg, Bubble Warp must be added:
* For purchases of max 4 kg, packaging boxes must be added:


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