Cationic Fatliquor

Complex Fatliquor with Syntan, Disperse and Emulsifier Agent

Blend of Sulphited and Fish Oil and Synthetic oils

Oxidised and Sulphited Vegetable Oils

Blend of Sulphited Natural Oils in Combination with Synthetic Ester

Blend of Synthetic Sulphited Oil

Special Compound of Natural and Synthetic Sulphited Oil and Synthetic Ester

Refined Sea Animal Oil for Vegetable Leather

Neats Foot Oil

Blend of Emulsified Oxidized Marine and Synthetic Oil with Waxes

Blend of Sulphited and Sulphated Natural and Synthetic Oils ( Lecitine )

Complexactive Emulsifiers Combinated with Natural and Synthetic Oils

Based on Lanolin Fatliquor

Blend of Synthetic Sperm Oil with Synthetic Oil with Special Sulphiting Process

Based on Ester Combine with Synthetic Fat

Softening Agent

Still on Progress