Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride occurs as colorless, elongated, prismatic, or cubical crystals, or as a white, granular powder. It is stable in air. Its solutions are neutralto litmus. It may contain up to 1.0% (total) of suitable food-grade anticaking, free-flowing, or conditioning agents such as calcium stearate or silicon dioxide, either singly or in combination. Potassium chloride containing anticaking, free-flowing, or conditioning agents may produce cloudy solutions or dissolve incompletely. It is insoluble in alcohol.

  • Sources: China
  • Category : Nutrient, gelling agent, salt subtitute, yeast food
  • Application : for the manufacture of dietetic salt subtitute, finishing or carrageenan products and other food and food additives uses. Also for production of other potassium compound for human consumption.
  • Documents & Halal status : CoA, Specification, MSDS, Halal MUI, ISO 22000:2005, BRC Certificate


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