Nitrocellulose ex Nobel

Nobel NC is the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial nitrocellulose, a film forming resin used in the inks and coatings market. It is a high quality, supremely flexible material that demonstrates outstanding functionality, excellent value for money and high standards of safety. It delivers genuine competitive advantages.

The unique granular format gives Nobel NC nitrocellulose super flow characteristic. It is easy to handle and virtually dust-free, displaying minimal solvent migration during transport and storage. Above all, it creates end-products of unrivalled clarity, that meet and surpass increasingly demanding industry standards.

Nobel NC extensive nitrocellulose product range is designed to meet current and future application requirements. The company maintains its position at the forefront of the industry by substantial investment in research and development and a commitment to innovation and expertise. Damped with IPA.

Nitrocellulose ex China

Nitrocellulose for coating is widely used to manufacture nitro-lacquers, paints, varnished paper, varnished cloth, stencils, filter paper, ink, solid alcohol & decorative materials, graphite, coated cloth, bottleneck seal cartridges, adhesives, leather oil, nail polish, ester-soluble or water-soluble coating. Damped with Ethanol.

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